Readings for Jan 22, 2012: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

 Jonah 3:1-5, 10       1 Corinthians 7:29-31     Mark 1:14-20      The Message

  Jonah 3:1-5, 10

Maybe God Will Change His Mind

God spoke to Jonah: “Up on your feet and on your way to the big city

of Nineveh! Preach to them. They’re in a bad way and I can’t ignore it any

longer.”  This time Jonah started off straight for Nineveh, obeying God’s orders to the letter.


Nineveh was a big city, very big—it took three days to walk across it.


Jonah entered the city, went one day’s walk and preached, “In forty

days Nineveh will be smashed.”


The people of Nineveh listened, and trusted God. They proclaimed a

citywide fast and dressed in burlap to show their repentance. Everyone

did it—rich and poor, famous and obscure, leaders and followers.


God saw what they had done, that they had turned away from their

evil lives. He did change his mind about them. What he said he would do

to them he didn’t do.     © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson


  1 Corinthians 7:29-31

I want to point out, friends, that time is of the essence.

There is no time to waste, so don’t complicate your lives unnecessarily.

Keep it simple —in marriage, grief, joy, whatever. Even in ordinary

things—your daily routines of shopping, and so on. Deal as sparingly as

possible with the things the world thrusts on you. This world as you see

it is on its way out.     © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson


      Mark 1:14-20

After John was arrested, Jesus went to Galilee preaching the

Message of God: “Time’s up! God’s kingdom is here. Change your life and

believe the Message.”


Passing along the beach of Lake Galilee, he saw Simon and his

brother Andrew net-fishing. Fishing was their regular work. Jesus said

to them, “Come with me. I’ll make a new kind of fisherman out of you.

I’ll show you how to catch men and women instead of perch and bass.”

They didn’t ask questions. They dropped their nets and followed.


A dozen yards or so down the beach, he saw the brothers James

and John, Zebedee’s sons. They were in the boat, mending their fishnets.

Right off, he made the same offer. Immediately, they left their father

Zebedee, the boat, and the hired hands, and followed.

© 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson


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