Wilkinsburg Solidarity Vigils

Wilkinsburg Solidarity Vigils

Wilkinsburg Solidarity Vigils at St. James every Tuesday, beginning November 13, from 7 – 8 pm in the Chapel. We invite parishioners to join in solidarity with the people of Wilkinsburg as the community struggles with recent violence and shootings. We hope that the violence has ended, but the underlying conditions of poverty, drugs, and hopelessness persists, especially among young people. In addition, other residents live in fear.

We worship in this community. In Faith, we want to offer solidarity and hope. This is an opportunity for parishioners to pray, reflect, discern and offer hospitality to our neighbors. The hope is that by our presence we might give encouragement to the residents  and by listening we can offer a “safe space” for them to vent and explore hopeful possibilities.

New Evangelization has been stressed by the Church for this “Year of Faith.” We hope that the vigils provide St. James Parishioners a tangible way of sharing our Good News with those at the edge of despair.


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