Readings: November 25, 2012 Feast of Christ the King

      Daniel 7:13-14     Revelation 1:5-8      John 8:33-38     The Message  

  • Daniel 7:13-14

As the visions during the night continued,  I kept watching. The little horn was speaking arrogantly. Then, as I watched, the monster was killed and its body cremated in a roaring fire. The other animals lived on for a limited time, but they didn’t really do anything, had no power to rule. My dream continued.

I saw a human form, a son of man, arriving in a whirl of clouds. He came to The Old One and was presented to him. He was given power to rule—all the glory of royalty. Everyone—race, color, and creed—had to serve him.

His rule would be forever, never ending. His kingly rule would never be replaced.

© 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson


  • Revelation 1:5-8

His Eyes Pouring Fire-Blaze

I, John, am writing this to the seven churches in Asia province:

All the best to you from The God Who Is, The God Who Was, and The God About to Arrive, and from the Seven Spirits assembled before his throne, and from Jesus Christ—Loyal Witness, Firstborn from the dead, Ruler of all earthly kings.

Glory and strength to Christ, who loves us, who blood-washed our sins from our lives, Who made us a Kingdom, Priests for his Father, forever—and yes, he’s on his way!

Riding the clouds, he’ll be seen by every eye, those who mocked and killed him will see him,

People from all nations and all times  will tear their clothes in lament. Oh, Yes.

The Master declares, “I’m A to Z. I’m The God Who Is, The God Who Was, and The God About to Arrive. I’m the Sovereign-Strong.      

© 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson


  • John 18:33b-37

Pilate said to Jesus:  “Are you the ‘King of the Jews’?”

Jesus answered, “Are you saying this on your own, or did others tell you this about me?”

Pilate said, “Do I look like a Jew? Your people and your high priests turned you over to me. What did you do?”

“My kingdom,” said Jesus, “doesn’t consist of what you see around you. If it did, my followers would fight so that I wouldn’t be handed over to the Jews. But I’m not that kind of king, not the world’s kind of king.”

Then Pilate said, “So, are you a king or not?”

Jesus answered, “You tell me. Because I am King, I was born and entered the world so that I could witness to the truth. Everyone who cares for truth, who has any feeling for the truth, recognizes my voice.”                   © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson


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