Readings: December 1, 2013, 1st Sunday of Advent

All readings from the Message Bible © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

  • Isaiah 2: 1-5

       Climb God’s Mountain

This is the Message Isaiah got regarding Judah and Jerusalem: There’s a day coming when the mountain of God’s House will be The Mountain — solid, towering over all mountains.

All nations will river toward it, people from all over set out for it. They’ll say, “Come, let’s climb God’s Mountain, go to the House of the God of Jacob. He’ll show us the way he works so we can live the way we’re made.”

Zion’s the source of the revelation. God’s Message comes from Jerusalem. He’ll settle things fairly between nations. He’ll make things right between many peoples. They’ll turn their swords into shovels, their spears into hoes. No more will nation fight nation; they won’t play war anymore.

Come, family of Jacob, let’s live in the light of God.

  • Romans 13:11-14

Brothers and sisters: Make sure that you don’t get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off,  oblivious to God.

The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and  awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the  salvation work he began when we first believed. We can’t afford to waste a  minute, must not squander these precious daylight hours in frivolity and indulgence, in sleeping around and dissipation, in bickering and grabbing  everything in sight. Get out of bed and get dressed! Don’t loiter and linger, waiting until the very last minute. Dress yourselves in Christ, and be up and  about!

  • Matthew 24:37-44

“The Arrival of the Son of Man will take place in times like Noah’s.  Before the great flood everyone was carrying on as usual, having a good time  right up to the day Noah boarded the ark. They knew nothing—until the flood hit and swept everything away.

“The Son of Man’s Arrival will be like that: Two men will be working in  the field—one will be taken, one left behind; two women will be grinding at the  mill—one will be taken, one left behind. So stay awake, alert. You have no idea  what day your Master will show up. But you do know this: You know that if the  homeowner had known what time of night the burglar would arrive, he would have  been there with his dogs to prevent the break-in. Be vigilant just like that.  You have no idea when the Son of Man is going to show up.


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