In Memoriam: Father Donald McIlvane



Father Donald McIlvane

d. February 16, 2014

May he rest in peace.


Father McIlvane’s Obituary in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette


  1. Rev. Dr, Oscar Cole-Arnal

    Tue 18th Feb 2014 at 12:54 pm

    I have not seen & talked with “Mack” for almost twenty years, but his mentoring impact on me & his friendship have marked me profoundly. He spoke at my first civil rights protest in Midland, PA in May-June, 1968 near where I served as a Lutheran pastor. When my civil rights activism caused me trouble in my own denomination, Mack wrote a supportive letter to my bishop. In the mid-1980s Mack gave me room-&-board hospitality at his East Liberty parsonage while I did research on the activist group DMS for whom I still write. God welcome you with loving arms, dear friend & fellow militant.
    Your Brother, Oz

    • Father Metzler

      Thu 20th Feb 2014 at 8:45 am

      My admiration and respect for Father McIlvane extends to even before I was ordained, when i saw in the news that he was marching in Selma while I, still in seminary, was not able to. Then, in those early years of my priesthood, Don was my model on those issues of human justice as we protested here and in Washington for jobs, peace and civil rights.
      We have had in Pittsburgh through the last 50 years, many priests of our diocese who were outstanding spokesmen on various issues of justice and peace. But my greatest admiration for Don and Monsignor Charles Rice is that they were doing this all alone, long before there was any priests association or support group among the clergy to reassure them of the righteousness of their cause.
      God bless you Mac; thank you for being a model for priesthood all these years. May you Live in Peace.
      Father Warren Metzler St James parish Wilkinsburg

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