Our Campaign for the Church Alive

At all the Masses on March 1 and 2, 2014, Father Metzler made the following announcement about “Our Campaign for the Church Alive”.  For more information on the campaign, please visit Church Alive.

    Our Campaign for the Church Alive  

I want to announce to you today that bishop Zubik and our diocese began last Lent a Capital Campaign to address pressing needs of our diocesan community. It has been called The Campaign for the Church Alive. Perhaps you have heard of it from friends or relatives in other parishes who have already begun it there. The goal of the campaign is to raise 125 million dollars in pledges over five years.. But it is not about money it’s about mission. And it benefits both the diocese and our parish in major ways.

There are so many real needs in the diocese and here at St. James that are presently beyond our capabilities. You’ll receive in the mail this coming week information about the diocesan dreams for this program, to educate, catechize and form the faith in our next generation; invest in priestly formation; properly care for our retired priests and minister to those in need throughout our region. Here at our parish, our target is to raise $415 thousand dollars.

Of this amount, $166 thousand will stay here to help us save money with our boilers and our heating, to help us upgrade in a substantial way our former convent into a real ministry center, and to help increase security and comfort for you, our parishioners and to attract new parishioners to our parish.

It seems like a formidable task, but the diocese has raised over $100 million dollars already. Bishop Zubik has raised 40 million himself; the priests of our diocese have personally contributed 3 million. And already, we here at St. James, with our excellent committee of Jim Parsons and Bill Lenaghen our chairs, Patty Manilla, Mary Crawford, Mara Sullivan and Cathy Raffaelle and myself, have spoken to parishioners who have  already pledged $186 thousand dollars toward our $415 thousand dollar parish goal. That’s almost half of our goal raised already through the generous commitment of many dedicated parishioners.

As I said, many of you will receive an information packet in the mail the week after next for you to look over and to prayerfully reflect upon. But the rest of this month we will be focusing instead upon our annual St. James Campaign and the Parish Share Program, through which both our parish and the diocese fund our ordinary expenses. Our St. James Campaign brochure will arrive in your mail this week.

Some of you may be reminded by phone to discern your participation in the Church Alive Campaign and in making your pledge. And we will then come back to talking about the Church Alive campaign, next month, in April.  And I ask that you continue to keep the success of Our Campaign for the Church Alive in your prayers.

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