2015 All Class Reunion

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, 41 Alumni and 15 guests attended the 65th St. James Grade School All-Class Reunion Luncheon at the Edgewood Country Club. Mothers, daughters, sisters and eight first-timers were among the attendees.

There were 16 baskets in the Chinese Auction including an autographed portrait of Troy Polamalou done by Rob Dalmasse. 6 baskets were won by the “slow” table (Class of 1975)!   Rob was suspecting a “Ticketgate”! Margaret Proviano raffled off four Gift Cards for those who did not win a basket.

Mr. Joseph Miele, former teacher at St. James and Vice-Principal, was delighted to speak with so many of his students. Several said they were his “favorite”!

Sister Jean Boggs, S.C. graced us with her presence (won 3 baskets)!

Father Warren Metzler joined us which topped off our afternoon.

A beautiful setting, delicious food, much reminiscing, love and laughter all contributed to another great St. James All-Class Reunion.

All photos of St. James Luncheon courtesy of Rob Dalmasse.

Same time next year, Saturday, September 24, 2016… hope to see you there!


Gift Baskets

Group 1

Rob and Mary

Father Metzler and Mary