Information in St. James Church Vestibule

  • Lost & Found Please check our Lost & Found by the main front doors. There are gloves, an umbrella, 2 rings and 2 pair of glasses. Are you missing something?
  • Book Rack Please check out our Book Rack. There is something there for every age. Magazines, books, and self help. All items are marked with a price, simply slip it into the slot at the center of the rack.
  • Secrets of People Who Seldom Get Sick is our Health Ministry theme for the month of January. It is tempting to dismiss it as luck. Some people might catch a slight cold or suffer an occasional ache or pain now and then, but they never seem to suffer from flues, fevers and illnesses that send the rest of us diving under the covers for days. Pick up a copy of the informational flier that could lead to a healthier winter at the left side entrance.


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