Meeting for Wilkinsburg Residents on Safety Issues

Wilkinsburg Residents: There will be a meeting on Tuesday, Febraury 9, 2016, at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers, Wilkinsburg Borough Building, 605 Ross Ave to discuss safety issues in the Hamnett Place area and other concerns from residents. Please feel free to come out and discuss. Hopefully, there will be Counselors to help with some of the trauma residents are dealing with. Please get the word out to your neighbors.

Jessica Burns, Kate McEvoy Grannemann, Elizabeth Moody, George Spencer, Patrick Shattuck, Nedra Williams, Ed Gainey, Andre Tucker, Melvin Hubbard El, Josie Smith-Bryant, Shayla Amin-Jones, Mark Harvey Smith, Mark Stephens, Ashley Deal, Amy Wellock Staggs, Jason Cohn

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