Scripture Reflection From Fr. Taylor: February 14, 2016, 1st Sunday of Lent

Deuteronomy 26:4-10, Romans 10:8-13, Luke 4:1-13    

My Dear Brothers and Sisters we have begun a very special journey called “The Lenten Season”. It is one that we walk through together, supporting each other, and reminding ourselves that God is always with us along the way. Hopefully you have had an opportunity to do some soul searching, and come up with a good plan for your Lenten Observance. We should be doing more than the few things that the church asks of us. Most important is to add things to our life which are not present. We can all pray more. We can all take care of our health more. All of us can be more involved in serving others, in social justice, in giving of ourselves to the poor. Jesus says that we do not live by bread alone. He is talking about all the things we seem to depend on and are not able to do without, such as new clothing, cars, TVs, computers, electronic travel, appliances, entertainment. Things we enjoy, but certainly things we can do without. Many think that the key to having enough of these things is the key to happiness. But life teaches us that this is not true. It is a limited view of what goes on into a meaningful life. For we can ignore the human spirit that yearns for something more than what money can buy. Hopefully many of us look to our faith and religion to satisfy this particular hunger. We can worship, pray, give alms, we serve the folks in the community. These things spark happiness in our life. There is nothing wrong with owning and enjoying things that make us happy. God wants us to enjoy the good things of this world but remember what we get from them is limited. Possessions, pleasures and power are nice things to have but when they define us, when they become the total of who we are, we become empty indeed. Jesus knew about all this when he went to the mountain to pray. Temptation could not enter Him for He knew the real meaning of life. He gives us these weeks to try to understand what it is all about. Lets use this Lenten Season to get below the surface of our lives.





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