Reflection From Fr. David Taylor

Dear Church Family:

On this third Sunday of Lent we reflect upon the meaning of the suffering and death. During the Lenten season up to the Tridium we are able to observe and commemorate those things that happened in the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. One big difference is he was not a sinner. He never did acts of sin and evil. Our human condition gives us freedom where we have to make choices every day, and we often make the wrong choices.

Some years ago a book was written: “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.” This was an account to explain why there is trouble in the world. The book of Job tells us that no one is able to escape suffering and tragedy in this world. If God loves us why does He send us suffering? When tragedy strikes we are often tempted to go against God, and blame Him for the troubles of the world.

In the Gospel there is an attempt to try to understand pain and sorrow as a result of punishment for our sins, but the Lord reminds us this is not always the case. A good and honest look at our own life reveals that many of the troubles that we have are of our own making. They come from choices and decisions we have made.

In the book of Exodus, even though the Israelites suffered much, the Lord always listened to the affliction of the people and brought them to a new and better life. We have troubles, but trouble does not last always. The Jewish people found this out on the way to the Promised Land. They found out, as we do every day, that God is not a punishing God; He is a God who cares and comes to save us. Choices we have to make and consequences are always there, but our God is always in the mix.

As we continue our Lenten journey we might reflect this week on how some of our wrong choices have lead us into trouble and how the grace of Lent can help us to rise above them.

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