Reflection from Fr. Taylor: 4th Sunday of Lent

Dear Church Family:

Our Holy Father Pope Francis has declared this to be “A Year of Mercy.” To be sure today’s gospel has everything to do about mercy and forgiveness. If there is one thing we really need in this world for healing is the sense that none of us are perfect and when we make mistakes we deserve another chance. To be sure God never denies the reality of sin. God does not close His eyes to our weaknesses and short comings. He is saddened and indignant when He sees some of the things we do especially as we hurt one another, the least of our brothers and sisters.

In today’s Gospel parable Jesus gives us an example as how to temper justice with mercy. He tells us that we must always be ready to forgive and to not be insistent on calibrating the scales of justice. This parable story is one of the most popular ones in the gospel because there is a place for everyone in it.

In a world full of injustice, crime, terrorism, war, and more there is so much righteous indignation. It is sad to say this leads many to believe that we need revenge. But justice has to be tempered with mercy. As God’s children we have to be willing to walk the extra mile. Someone has to be willing to forgive. This Year of Mercy is the time to do it. Without reconciliation there can be no peace.

As we gather around the altar today God gives us a little bit of His great big heart of forgiveness. Let us pray for His help to hate sin but never hate the sinner and to overcome an urge for vengeance. We all have been the Prodigal Son, let’s pray that we can sometimes be the forgiving father it’s all in the family.


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