Reflection From Father Taylor, 5th Sunday of Lent

March 13, 2016

Today’s Gospel from John continues the challenge of mercy and forgiveness.  It is sad but true that as Jesus brought about the best in people sometimes His deeds brought about the worst in others.  The scribes and Pharisees behaved badly in this case.  They were trying to destroy Jesus and put down a woman on the same occasion.  They enjoyed condemning people.  They would rather punish than forgive, and their self righteousness made no allowance for human weaknesses and offers sinners no second chance.

We know that this kind of thinking does not work and does not enhance our faith in the church.  There are more than a few who give both religion and faith a bad name.  Religious leaders should understand this.  He or she would have no illusions about the human condition. We all have a capacity to provoke both good and bad, but we strived for the good.   Jesus turned the focus back on the accusers and this was a victory for justice and for every human being who has been repentant and strived to start over again.

This story gives a clear illustration of the church’s position against the Death Penalty.  We know that our God never gives up on us.  God’s mercy fails only when we give up on ourselves.  Sin is a part of the human condition and repentance is something that is offered freely.

In these last few weeks of Lent we have many opportunities to reflect upon our lives.  Let’s do the most to remember that we are on a journey from ashes to Easter.

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