Reflection From Father Taylor: Palm Sunday

March 20, 2016

This week we enter the most Holy and Spirit filled week of our church’s year. It is a week mixed with sadness, hope and resurrection. None of us come to this week as observers only. Each celebration has its own unique theme and we are involved.

Holy Thursday is a celebration of betrayal, love and forgiveness. Good Friday is a celebration of light, suffering, death, and forgiveness. The Vigil Mass brings us all through the history of the Old Testament from the beginning of creation. Salvation history is played out for us. Although this is a yearly event, it is new for us each year because we are different. It catches us as at a different time in life.

One gift that it has for all of us is that it brings us closer to each other and our God. Our journey has been one from ashes to Easter. It is also the week in which we celebrate the Institution of the Priesthood. This takes place at the Chrism Mass each year.

This year’s celebration for us is likewise a time when we are in mourning over our brothers and sisters in Wilkinsburg. The family that was murdered reminds each of us that there is still a lot of redemption that needs to take place in and among us. We are not just spectators. We pray for these victims and promise to do everything we can to make life better for others. May you all have a blessed and peace-filled Holy Week.



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