Reflection From Fr. Taylor: 3rd Sunday of Easter 2016

 April 10, 2016: 3rd Sunday of Easter

Today’s Gospel gives us a second resurrection appearance of Jesus Christ. You notice that it takes place in a scene where the Disciples are at work as fishermen and they still are at a loss for their leader, whom they put so much faith in, who has gone. They also live with the guilt that many of them abandoned Him during His greatest hour of need. But they were soon to learn that Jesus is full of mercy and forgiveness and He comes to their aid right away.

In our own lives we can have a profound amount of guilt over the way we have let people down. We can also hold long time grudges over perceived treatment by others. I do believe that in looking at today’s Gospel Jesus tells us that we do have to put these things behind us. We don’t abandon one another because our feelings have been hurt. Our Lord lived this way and He taught the Disciples that it had to be an essential element in their lives of following Him.

Peter proved his loyalty to our Lord by not giving in to the powers that be. He even did this to the point of execution. Love goes much deeper than hurt and offenses. As we continue to celebrate the Easter Season perhaps we should take a look at our own lives. How willing are we to forgive and forget. Are we willing to take the initiative to restore friendship? The church can only grow if we are willing to take these kinds of risks. The wounds of Jesus on the cross certainly heal all human wounds. It enables us to rise above our petty differences. As weak as Peter was our Lord picked him to be the first leader of the church. That is the way it is with our God. He does not pick perfect people. There are none to be found in this world. In the end most of us never have to make such dramatic life or death decisions as Peter in obedience to God. Let’s hope we never have to, but meanwhile we show where we stand by day to day fidelity to what we know is right no matter what the costs.





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