Reflection from Fr. Taylor, April 24, 2016, 5th Sunday of Easter

April 24, 2016, 5th Sunday of Easter

Today’s Gospel takes us back to the sad events of Holy Week.  Jesus is gathered together with His Disciples to share a meal with them during His time of suffering and pain.  He leaves His    Disciples with a new commandment “Love one another as I have loved you.”  Jesus will exemplify what He is saying through the events of Good Friday.  No one  has greater love than to lay down  His life for His friends.

Many of us have known the sacrifice that comes along with deep love of others.  This can happen when spouses make major sacrifices and put careers on hold to have a family.  Staying at home with a sick child can bring comfort and relief.  Children, changing their way of living to be with a parent sick and in need, show real love.  Some have given up a whole career and job in order to be with a love one who needs them.  These are monumental sacrifices.  It shows the extent we can go if we really love someone.

Jesus tells us that even this is not enough.  We must love everyone, even when that love is not appreciated and returned.  We know that God dwells among us and frees us from pain and suffering, mourning and death, when we can love the person who appears to be unlovable.

This fits in so well with Pope Francis for our Year of Mercy.  Love and Mercy go hand in hand.  Do we practice only the easy kind of love or do we put into effect love in the most difficult circumstances?  “God of love you gave yourself to us by taking on our human flesh and limitations except sin, help us to follow your command to give ourselves  totally to you by the way we love sacrificially”



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