Reflection from Fr. Taylor: May 15, 2016, Pentecost

May 15, 2016, Pentecost

“Lord send out your spirit and renew the face of the earth.” Perhaps some of us may ask what does it really mean to say we are filled with the Holy Spirit. It means much more than we are a group of pious people coming together to pray. It means essentially that we are the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit is our vital principle, our very soul. We know that God is present in us in a special way and we share in the very power of God.

We, the church, live by the spirit. It is what gives us the power and the ability to actually change the world by first changing ourselves. We need the eyes of faith to see deeper to perceive that in this gathering, God is truly at work in a marvelous way. We are ordinary people called by the Lord to do extraordinary things.

The church has been through a lot of bad times in the past few years. In some ways the human side has come out in all of its sinfulness shocking those without and shaming us within but the same Jesus Christ that told us there would be scandals also told us He would send us the spirit of truth. This spirit is given to us in Baptism and Confirmation. Instead of being selfish we can be generous. Instead of holding grudges we can be reconciled with those who have hurt us, instead of cutting corners we can act with integrity, instead of being cruel we can be gentle and kind.

When we confront our prejudices and give everyone the respect they deserve and when in the face of the culture of death we stand up for life, the spirit is alive and well.  Today the world needs a whole lot of spirit filled people. So let us really celebrate this birthday of the church knowing that God is always with us

Today is also considered the birthday of the church and this Feast Day brings to conclusion the Easter Season.






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