Reflection from Fr. Taylor: May 29, 2016, Feast of Corpus Christi

Reflection from Fr. Taylor

Corpus Christi, May 29, 2016

Today we celebrate a Feast Day which is at the very heart of our liturgy and worship. Our firm belief is that what we celebrate in the Eucharist is what Jesus began on Holy Thursday night when He gathered together with the Disciples. He wanted to leave us with a living memorial of His presence in the world. It is a life giving sacrament. That is why we say that we could never be fully worthy to receive it.

Our Eucharist is our foundation with God and each other. It bounds us together. Our union with the fellowship of Christ is what gives us the life giving ability to accept others and love others. It brings us together in such a way that we know that there really can be no discrimination among us. We are all equal before God. It solidifies our belief in the Father Son and the Holy Spirit. It’s the heart also of what gives us strength for the journey when we receive it near death.

As we look around our many churches, we see empty pews. Many were filled by good Catholics and we want to bring them back. We want to show them how the Eucharist strengthens us. Hopefully the power that we receive from the sacrament gives us the initiative and desire to always be open to new ways of living, teaching, and serving others. We could not be evangelizers without the Holy Eucharist.

This sacrament does not make us better than others, but it helps us to be our very best. As we celebrate this special feast day may we always know we are loved we are.


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