Reflection from Fr. Taylor: June 5, 2016, 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reflection from Fr. Taylor

June 5, 2016, 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The church brings us back to Ordinary Time, a time during this church’s year where we will reflect upon the gospel of Luke.  In the year of Luke many of our Gospels will be about Jesus on His journeys especially to those who are sick, who are poor, who are dying.  Jesus teaches about forgiveness and reconciliation and how He wants us all to be compassionate to others.

In today’s Gospel Jesus sees a funeral possession and it makes Him think of the young man’s mother.  The death of a young man or young woman is always tragic, but it was definitely so in this case because he was an only child of a widowed mother.  We can look at this in terms of young people who die today especially those who are murdered through violence.  It is disastrous for family members and all of us.

Later on when Jesus was dying on the cross He asked John to look after His own mother.  Luke tells us that Jesus was “moved with pity”.  We do well to watch Jesus closely for His behavior always tells us something about God.  We know that we are not the only ones who feel crushed by an untimely death.  Jesus himself shows us that God is not above it all.  He is with us and shares our pain.

So the Lord calls the young man back to life and returns him to his mother.  Raising the young man was a miracle, but it was also a sign because now we know that Jesus not only shares our life He is also the Lord of life and death and His power is to heal and to save.  We know that He calls us to the fullness of life that is stronger than death.



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