Reflection from Fr. Taylor: June 12, 2016, 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reflection from Fr. Taylor: June 12, 2016, 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

As many of us grow older certain memories stay with us instead of fading with time. Some of these memories endure because they are gratifying and some because they are unpleasant and still give us pain, and leave us with mixed feelings of guilt. During his own life Jesus had many experiences that must have stayed with Him long after they were over. He knew this about us, and He was always willing to listen to our stories and be a healer.

Today’s gospel is one in which Jesus takes on His enemies. Many of the attacks are unprovoked, calculating, and vicious but time and again He rebuked them. The Pharisees were experts in the religion and worship of the time, and they accused Jesus of breaking some of society’s basic rules. Jesus taught time and again that law has to be at the service of love. He constantly stressed generosity and hospitality. The story turns very pointed. When the woman arrives Jesus shows the same marks of respect and love He had given others, and she for her part expresses her repentance.

During this year of mercy we are all asked to show the same sense of forgiveness and reconciliation that Jesus showed. At the end of the occasion Jesus makes the statement “Her many sins have been forgiven because she has shown great love”.  Is He saying that it is alright to do wrong as long as you do some good? No, but He is saying forgiveness is always readily available. God does not close His eyes to our failings, but He is much more interested in the good parts of our lives and seeks our restoration. Perhaps we can learn a whole lot from this gospel.





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