Reflection from Fr. Taylor: July 3, 2016, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s readings speaks of Jesus’ call to the Disciples to preach His message and carry out His work.  We think of the Catholic priesthood when we read this gospel.  It has implications for all of us who are serving in ministry.  We all have a stake in the priesthood.  The church has taken a hard look at the past in order to find out how we can prepare for a better future.

Jesus says 3 things about priests in today’s gospel.  First of all Priests need to be idealists.  They need to have a real desire to serve and share.  The willingness to give of themselves without asking for very much in return.  If they are going to be more than functionary they also have to be on a mission to help others.  They must resist the call of careerism that equate success with climbing the ladder of promotion.  That’s a big task for anyone starting out in life.  It is also important not to be wrapped up in materialism.

Last weekend our diocese celebrated the ordination of 3 new priests to serve the Diocese of Pittsburgh as well as 3 new deacons. These men face a real challenge as life in ministry is quite different than before.

Each  weekend we say the prayer of On Mission for the Church Alive as we prepare for our future.  It is a journey that all of us have to be open to and willing to see things in now days.  This is also true for the priesthood. T he forecast is that there will be fewer priests  in the upcoming years than there are today, but this should not give us an alarm for the spirit is alive and well.

God is still calling to ministry and He is also calling all of us the whole church to do more and more to keep this great church alive.  We must be people of deep prayer of service and of ministry.  The Lord will never let us down.  We must continue to encourage our young men and women to serve in ministry.  All we have to do is answer.






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