Reflection from Fr. Taylor: July 24, 2016,17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday’s readings offer some powerful reflections of the importance of prayer. We hear from many that prayer is always answered. Perhaps most of us can look at our lives and if we were honest we must admit that the things we have sincerely gone to the Lord for He has answered us. The challenge is to realize that our prayer is sometimes answered without us knowing it. Indeed the Lord can answer our prayer by not responding immediately to our wish list. Sometimes we ask for things that are not in our best interest.

As we look around us today and see how vulnerable human life is, how any given day the lives of many of God’s children can be changed forever by senseless, violence and murder, and we pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” We worship a God who allows evil in the world, but is always looking for us to avoid it. So each day we stand before a loving God who knows our needs even before we voice them. Jesus says, “Ask and you will receive,” but what is it that we will receive? It may not always be what we ask for.

We may not always find the answer to every problem in our lives, but still we could continue to seek and to ask. The fact that we have put it in the hands of the Lord is enough, because He always does the best for us. There is so much to pray for, but the beautiful thing about it is that the Lord hears it all. If we do this God will see us through.



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