Reflection from Fr. Taylor: September 11, 2016, 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fifteen years ago today we experienced one of the worst tragedies ever to befall our country. The World Trade Center, the Pentagon and right here in our state of Pennsylvania were all scenes of tragedy. More than anything else it was a loss of innocent human life which cause us all to reevaluate our relationship with one another.

One of the things that happened is that it brought many races and ethnic groups together, to see that although we come from many places we love our country and we want to be able to do whatever healing needs to take place.

Even for us who are faithful folks sometimes it is difficult to forgive others. This is true especially in situations in which a horrible sin or evil has been committed. In the gospels, especially in Luke, God tells us that our entire relationship with Him is based on love, forgiveness and mercy. This is the “Year of Mercy”. Every evil, every sin no matter how great, does not fall out of God’s concern for forgiveness.

The Prodigal Son or the generous father is just such a story. It is at the times when we are down on our luck and have no one else to turn to, even if it’s our own fault, that God opens His arms to us and takes us back. Isn’t this the way our faith should operate? Isn’t this the way our church should operate?

Yes it is a struggle sometimes to forgive, but keep in mind there are going to be those times when we need that forgiveness ourselves. As bad as September 11th was it does not rob us of love and a sense of forgiveness. It cannot do that because we are followers of Christ.



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