Reflection from Fr. Taylor, October 9, 2016, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

2 Kings 5:14-18; 2 Timothy 2:8-13; Luke 17:11-19

“Where are the other nine.”

Sometimes we do not realize that a sense of gratitude is one of the important charisms of a Christian. This is not primarily because we owe it out of a sense of duty, but because of how it reminds us that in the end we all need to rely on each other in times of need. For it can be a human weakness to take for granted those things that others do for us day end and day out.

I, as your pastor, am aware of this throughout my illness.So many of you have helped me, supported me and prayed for me that I am just generous and grateful to all of you of my church family.

The stories in today’s gospel tell us a lot about gratitude. Naaman,

the Syrian and the Samaritan leper thank not only the prophet and Jesus, they also thank God as well. They remind us to be grateful not only to other people who have been kind to us, but also to God who is the author of all good things and the most generous of all.

I have to say that there are so many good things that happen in our lives that we cannot simply put aside. Each Mass is a celebration of thanksgiving.  After all we have the greatest gift of all, the gift of the Holy Eucharist


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