Reflection from Fr. Taylor: October 16, 2016, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Art of Persevering. Perseverance is a vital Christian asset. As we look at the world about us and all of its troubles it can be easy for us to say, let’s give up and give in, and not even try. But the readings show us today that there is a lot to be said in not taking this attitude.

Moses could have given up many times as he lead his people toward the “Promise Land”. There were obstacles everywhere. He was often questioned as a leader, but he never gave up and the Lord never gave up on him. Even though he did not personally see the end of the journey, he did accomplish what the Lord had designed for him to do.

Perseverance is also important in our relationship to God. We can often meet a passionate God, full of surprises. Like Moses we are encouraged to not give up the faith. We must be willing to wait on an answer to our prayers.

This is true in the life of Jesus. He urges us to ask God for what we need. But doesn’t God already know our needs? Why do we have to ask? Part of the answer is that the Lord wants us to take the initiative in turning to Him. We ought never be afraid to both voice our needs, and to know that there will always be an answer for our prayers. We can say, well I pray, but there seems to be no answer to my prayer. In these cases we must always remember that the Lord knows much more than us what as to what we really need. Whatever the response from God, our  prayers have been answered. This is true even when it seems like God is silent.


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