Fr. Taylor’s Reflection: November 13, 2016, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

On this Sunday before the Feast of Our Lord Jesus, Christ the King we reflect on the ultimate meaning of life. All of the readings ask us to take a good hard look at our journey here on this earth, and to see our own day to day lived experiences as a part of the ultimate meaning in life.

Malachi reminds us that there is a day of the Lord coming. For us this should not be a thing to fear, but it is an opportunity to see that life is serious, and we have to be serious about it. Many times in history people have tried to predict when the end of the world would arrive. Over all these predictions none of them have come to be. It is not for any of us to know the day or the hour, but to have lived a life well lived. Each day gives us new opportunity to love and serve the Lord especially as we see him in our sisters and brothers.

The end of the church’s year finds us at different moments in our life. We could look at our family situations, The situations that we have to face in our ministries and jobs. It is a time to pray fervently for peace and love in our country. We can not survive with bitterness and division. With all of these challenges we are told by God’s spokespersons to face the future and embrace it.

We are reminded in November for those who love and serve the Lord, life is changed, but it never ended. So if we are living up to life’s challenges doing the best that we can there is no reason to have needless fear about the future. We already know that suffering and death are a part of the human condition. We also know as our faith teaches us that death never has the final say.

After we have done the best we can do we could go about living, not in fear, but in boldness. After all we are never on this journey alone. We always have others and our Lord to be with us. Let’s face the future with courage and determination.



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