Reflection from Fr. Taylor: November 20, 2016, Feast of Christ the King

2 Samuel 5:1-3 Colossians 1:12-20 Luke 23:35-43

It is interesting that on this Feast of Christ the King the gospel comes from the passion of Jesus Christ according to Luke. While it may seem like a contradiction to offer such a gospel we have to look beyond it. The man beside Jesus admits guilt, gives testimony to Jesus’ innocence, and asks to be remembered when He comes into His kingdom. Jesus promises salvation. Jesus tells us what true discipleship is all about.

It is about caring for others who are suffering. It is about putting others before ourselves. Jesus who is the Messiah, in the act of dying, conquered death and this is the ultimate paradox. Dying He destroyed our death. Rising He restored our life.

Jesus Christ is a king and He must reign in the hearts of all people in the world. We need this kind of image today especially we go about making things more human for all as we continue to battle discrimination and bigotry, poverty and insensitivity. Christ is our model. Jesus said if you wish to serve you must be the least of all .

Today power and authority is often abused that it seems to be a negative term, but the power Jesus yields is from the cross and it is different. It never seeks to rule and to dominate but only to serve.

This is a good theme for us to have at the end of the church year. Next Sunday we will start Advent!



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