Reflection from Fr. Taylor: December 4, 2016, 2nd Sunday of Advent

On the Second Sunday of Advent we have a focus of change and hope.  Advent is a time for change in our spiritual life and living more closely to the image of Christ.  There are many things about our lives that do need change.  None of us can make these changes without a change of heart first.

For many of us changes are difficult things, but change must be for a good purpose, to further the good of all people and to spread justice and peace throughout the world.

In today’s readings the merciful and just messiah envisioned by Isaiah is complimented by John the Baptist’s depiction of the mighty one who is to come.  This one will offer judgment, but also forgiveness, John reminds those who come for Baptism that they must have the right intention.  We too must take this as a mandate to become authentic Christians not just in name but in reality.

We are living through trying times and we cannot make light of the dangers and disasters, but we must never let them defeat us either.  We cannot give into despair for a light still shines in darkness and it comes from God, the word made flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.

While many of us are concerned about the plan and future of our   country, we have to keep in mind that we are given a mandate to plan for the future.  Our real joy comes from the unshakable hope that God is truly in charge of things and the coming of Christ into our world assures us that somehow in God’s good  time we all will see the salvation of God.

May you continue to have a holy blessed and peace filled Advent Season.


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