Reflection from Fr Taylor: December 11, 2016, 3rd Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 35:1-6a,10;  James 5:7-10;  Matthew 11:2-11

Today’s readings speak of the coming r e i g n o f God b r e a k i n g  i n t o  t h e world. Isaiah speaks of strengthening the hands of those that are weak and making firm their knees and say to those whose hearts are frightened be strong and not fear. That is the challenge that all of us have during this Advent time.

How do we during a time of change, challenge and difficulty proclaim the coming of our Savior. How could we proclaim that eyes that are blind will be opened. Isaiah’s preaching took place during the time of trouble of exile for the Jewish people. They needed a lot of encouragement.

We today need a lot of encouragement. We need to see everyday evidence of God’s presence in the world and among us. If the blind will see, the deaf hear, and the lame leap,and those without speech sing, it’s because of the healing power of God working through us.

Even John, in prison, knows that Jesus is not too far away and Jesus sends a consoling message about those who are being healed.   A part of healing, physical or spiritual, is first faith to believe that it can happen. With this we are ready to accept life’s most stressing situations.

Although life sometimes seems like a mountain that is just too hard to climb, it is not because we never climb alone. Advent reminds us of that great journey called Hope. One where we can rely on one another to get us to the top and find that God is always there.

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