Reflection from Fr. Taylor: December 18, 2016, 4th Sunday of Advent

On this Fourth Sunday of Advent we read of the circumstances around the birth of Jesus Christ.  Matthew describes this story of Jesus’ birth and engages us to understand what the Holy Family is all about.  The amazing thing about all of this is that it all has to do with hope and faith.  There are many different things that we do not understand but put in the hands of God.

The other thing is the poverty of the Holy Family.  The family knew what it meant to be poor and live in poverty circumstances.  This is our model as we begin to enter the Nativity Season.  Isaiah for his part spoke to people on the verge of attack and asks them just to trust and hope in God no matter what the outcome.  That really during these trying times is what we have to do.  We should not so much focus on what the outcomes may be, but do the best we can and then trust God to do the rest.

During this Sunday of Advent we are reminded that we come from a long line of ancestors who trusted in God and so we can make Christ present in our life so that others will know Him.  The meaning of Emmanuel is that God is with us.  We know as his pilgrim people how true this is, and we are called to live this way and serve this way each and every day of our lives.

As the Holy Family continues to be the source and center of all of our activities during this season. We Rejoice.




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