Reflection from Fr. Taylor: December 25, 2016, Christmas

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a Great Light”.  Hidden beneath the poverty of a child wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger, He is the creator of the universe and comes down reduced to helplessness as an infant so that He can rescue all of us from sin and evil.  Isn’t this a wonderful thing to know as we celebrate the birthday of our Lord.  Christmas gives us opportunities to be able to overcome the darkness of evil and sin.

Although often it looks like the victory of goodness is a real uphill battle it is already assured.  Christmas reminds us that life is worth living.  Everyone of us is made in the image and likeness of the newborn Savior, and we are given a mandate to carry Jesus to all of the world.

This Christmas finds us with some real challenges, changes in our  government, changes within our church, but as Christians we have the opportunity to weigh in to make sure that right and justice is accomplished.  As we enter the new year we rededicate ourselves to all of those things which are about life, liberty, freedom, and reconciliation.

The Advent Season gave us an opportunity to live in a place called hope.  When we are tempted to be negative or troubled we can reflect upon the fact that things can change, but they must always begin with us.  The Nativity Story reminds us that you don’t have to have a whole lot in this world to make the greatest amount of difference.  The Holy Family reflects everything good about us in the world in which we live in.  All we have to do is pass the message on to our brothers and sisters.  And finally we must realize that while we may not be able to change the world and all its problems we can change our perspective on it and recommit ourselves to doing  what is good and right.

The story of Christmas is not a new one but we need it every year.  We are people who need encouragement, hope and strength. May the Lord clearly give us that again. May we truly be blessed during this Christmas Season with all of the gifts that God can give. Gifts far more important than anything we may find under the tree.  During this Christmas Season I ask you to do everything you can to be with family and friends and to think of those who are lonely in institutions and nursing homes prisons and jails and to visit them if you can.  Christmas is  family time. It is the time to be with others.

May God bless all of you for we give thanks to him for celebrating His birthday again and for seeing us to another New Year in the church.


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