Reflection from Fr. Taylor: January 1, 2017

A Blessed New Year  2017

On this First Solemn Feast day of the year we are feeling the blessings of the Nativity of Jesus Christ.  The focus throughout the season has been on the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and   Joseph.

As we enter this new year we know that we have many challenges before us.  Each year brings us the opportunity of faith and hope which is based upon the fact that God is always with us.  But this does not however remove us from the troubles of the world. I

n the year 2016 we  celebrated a whole year of Mercy and hopefully it has made all of us generous, loving and accepting of each other.  Each New Year brings us many challenges of the unknown  and hopefully giving us the opportunity to go the extra mile for our neighbor, especially our neighbors who are threatened  with their existence in acceptance within our country. We pray especially for our migrants, immigrants, and those who are of the Muslim faith.  We also reflect on changes in our Parishes. We  realize that somehow this is  part of God’s plan, and how we look to all of this with hope.

May the New Year find us renewed, rededicated ,and also hopeful  in spite of the difficulties that life may bring. May each and everyone of you have a Blessed and Peace-filled New Year

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