Reflection from Fr. Taylor: March 12, 2017, 2nd Sunday of Lent

Genesis 12:1-4;    2 Timothy 1:8-10;    Matthew 17:1-9

We can always leave the mountain top because Jesus is the light of the world. We have had experiences in life when something amazing has happened to us: perhaps we have finally recovered from a long term illness, perhaps reconciliation with a long lost friend or relative. Maybe God has led us to a stronger faith life during this Lenten Season.

The only thing about these great times is that we want them to last and to never end. This must have been on the mind of the disciples as they took their journey up the mountain and the transfiguration of the Lord. They saw Moses and Elijah along with Jesus. They must have thought to themselves this is certainly as good as it is so they were ready to pitch their tents and stay for a long journey.

As we know Jesus had other things in mind. They must continue on their journey to Jerusalem. They didn’t have to worry because Jesus was with them, the light of the world. Our life is always about peeks and valleys, a mixture which makes up the human journey. But we do not have to journey alone. Both happy and sad moments should not be isolated moments. They should be events that we share with others. Jesus understands and journey with us.

They could go down from the mountain back into the valley again where there’s troubles and crosses, and graces knowing that they could be steadfast in their commitment. That is what we are about in this world. It is about what we are doing this Lenten Season. There are so many opportunities to avail ourselves of spiritual good which recharge us and help us to see. The Transfiguration is never extinguished. If our faith means anything at all it means that we are carrying each other on the way to the kingdom.

We also remember in a very special way Fr. Donald Fisher who touched the lives of so many people and spread the good news wherever he was. The love he brought into our world will always remain. Through his memory may we always be faithful to our journeys.

Continue to have a good Lent.


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