Reflection from Fr. Taylor: April 9, 2017, Palm Sunday

Isaiah 50:4-7   Philippians 2:6-11   Matthew 26:14-27:66

This Palm Sunday we take the opportunity to reflect upon the Passion according to Matthew.

If there is any Gospel story we should put ourselves in it is today’s.  Many things are happening to our Lord that we can identify with.  Jesus is arrested and brought before the chief priests.  This too has happened on occasions among our family and friends.

Jesus sees all the hate and anger around Him and has tears in His eyes. Today we see much hate and anger around us, and we want to do something about it.  We must understand that Jesus knows all about this, and He is with us to strengthen us on our Calvary Journey.

Jesus is humiliated and so are many of our sisters and brothers humiliated and treated badly day after day, especially those who are poor, sick, disabled, and people of color.

Then we picture Jesus on Calvary. He is exhausted. His body is wracked with pain and worriedness. This is something that happens to those among us. It’s not just the pain and the suffering, but to realize the hatred and anger that is behind it. We watch Jesus as He nears the end and hear Him speak to those around Him on the cross. In all of this He is willing to forgive.

As we come to Mass today we try to read and reflect upon these things and we also think of the Last Supper which we celebrate this week. In all of this we are not just spectators but we are there. We have been a part of the sin, but we are also a part of the Salvation and forgiveness.

May we have a most Holy and Faith filled Holy Week.


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