Reflection from Fr. Taylor: April 23, 2017, 2nd Sunday of Easter

Acts 2:42-47   1 Peter 1:3-9   John 20:19-31

The theme of the second Sunday of Easter is all about faith and trust in God.  Throughout the  Lenten Season we were lead to believe just how important it is to put our faith in God.

As we have followed Jesus from His life to His death and resurrection we know that the early church had to be able to come to terms with the reality of all of this.  Believing is a matter of faith.  Faith is reality that includes taking something on the word of another.  As the Gospel writer says “Blessed are those who have not seen but have believed.”

At Easter time we celebrate Jesus’  Resurrection, His victory over sin and death.  It is at the very heart of our faith.  But you know faith is very risky because it is always based upon trust.  But if we really look upon our lives so much of what we do and accomplish is based upon the trust and care of others.  If we play it too safe we could miss a lot of good opportunities in life.

We are called to take risks on behalf of our brothers and sisters and today we the church, celebrate faith, faith in God, faith in Christ, faith in life and each other.  Faith in ourselves is so important because we know that we have been bought with the Blood of Christ who will never betray our trust.

This is Easter beyond any shadow of a doubt.  May you continue to have a most blessed and peace-filled Easter Season.


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