Reflection from Fr. Taylor: April 30, 2017, 3rd Sunday of Easter

Acts 2:14,22-33   1 Peter 1:17-21   Luke 24:13-35

On this 3rd Sunday of Easter we read of faith restored in Luke’s Gospel recognizing Jesus in the Resurrection Appearances.

In our readings today we hear of many different images of our Lord, the long awaited Messiah, the lamb who shed his life for our sake.  In the book of Acts, Peter says that Jesus was delivered up by the set plan or knowledge of God to suffer and then rise from the dead.  In the Gospel we see a compassionate and loving Jesus walking with two of His sad Disciples as they described their state of mind in the events of the past days.

Jesus accepts them exactly for who they are and He is willing to give them time to come to faith.  This is exactly what is needed for us.  There is a difference between resurrection and Easter Faith.  We know that Jesus rose from the dead, but Easter Faith is something that evolves day after day.   Jesus’ great love for the two disciples shines forth in His patience and understanding.

Patience and understanding is also given to us as Jesus shows the  willingness to walk with us on the Journey of Life, knowing that we are weak and sinful and that we need His help.  In Christ’s’ Passion Death and Resurrection we are saved and redeemed and we’re given the promise and hope of eternal life.

Let us all focus on appreciating more of this as God’s gift in His Resurrection.  We imitate this most by service to God and neighbor as every day gives us many opportunities to serve one another.  Let us always avail ourselves of them.  May God continue to bless you during this Easter Season to bring others to Christ.

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