Reflection from Fr. Taylor: May 28, 2017, 7th Sunday of Easter

Acts 1:12-14   1 Peter 4:13-16   John 17:1-12

It is often said that if you cannot change anyone else, you can always change yourself. This is not always true. We do have an influence on others, and we can lead them in the right or the wrong direction.

God calls us to make use of the gifts and talents He has  given us. In doing this we can deepen our relationship with God, and others are attracted to us and often change their lives accordingly. Today’s Gospel is the priestly prayer. Jesus prays for all of His people. He prays to keep them rooted in what they’ve come to believe. His words express a deep bond between us and the Lord, and each of us with one another.

Nobody else can live discipleship for us. We have to live it. In times of suffering and hardship as we are experiencing today we must always call upon all the goodness that God has given us. When we suffer because we are doing the right thing we can still trust and know there is a victory.

We find consolation and support in the ongoing realization that good will always overcome evil. So let these words reside deep within us as we continue to be His disciples. God has given us many, many gifts. The question is what are we doing with these gifts, and how are they  benefiting our neighbor.


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