Reflection from Fr. Taylor: August 13, 2017, 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

1 Kings 19:9a, 11-13a    Romans 9:1-5    Matthew 14:22-33

In today’s Gospel Jesus talks about courage. Courage is important in all of the events of our life. Courage does not mean that we will always be a success and accomplish what we set out to do, but it means that we have given it our best efforts.

Jesus ask the disciples to have courage as they follow Him in all of the storms of life. In the story Peter has courage but then reality steps in and he sees that he is drowning. Jesus comes to the rescue but also asks Peter where is his faith and where is his real courage. It is a challenge for us each day as well. Sometimes we can be despondent and want to give up on those things that we try to do in life. The Lord reminds us that our better selves could never really do this.  We could never give up because life sometimes seems like an uphill battle in trying to do good  and accomplish good.

The challenge is always there, but so is the faith and trust in God, and so is the redemptive value in our day to day sufferings. Fear is real and it is human, but so is courage. As we come together for Eucharist today, let’s thank God for the courage that we do have and that we also pass this strength on to our sisters and brothers.


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