A Prayer for Charlottesville

A Prayer for Charlottesville 

Let us pray  for those who were injured, for their families, for those who were traumatized by the reckless behavior of one person, and for all those who oppose evil in all its forms.

We pray too for those who consider racist ideologies acceptable
that they will see through their confusion to the deeper truth of God’s love for all and our need of one another.

We ask that you would give us grace for the deep challenges facing our country. We ask that you would form us to be us peacemakers. May we be people who speak the truth in love as we work for a reconciled world. We commit our lives to you God, believing that You are working in the world in spite of destructive powers. Bring healing to those who are hurt, peace to those who are anxious, and love to those who are fearful.

We wait for Your help Dear God.      Amen

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