Reflection from Fr. Taylor: August 20, 2017, 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 56:1, 6-7    Romans 11:11-32    Matthew 15:21-28

In today’s Gospel Jesus characterizes the Canaanite woman as one having great faith. While most of us think of faith as belief in God “Great Faith” often carries special meaning as believing in God even in situations of sadness and sufferings. We know that in suffering situations there could be a temptation to think we have been abandoned by God.

But this “Great Faith”, even when the obvious signs of His presence are missing, acknowledges and knows that He is there. The woman in the story goes further than that, she has an emergency situation, her daughter is afflicted and she would do anything to ask for help. We too have had opportunities in life where it seems like HOPE just does not come to be, BUT WE persist anyway.

God puts someone in our life to help us to show that He did not and will not abandon us. When we realize this, we can remind each other of the deepest truth of who we are and then compassion can flow from us into the situations where it is needed.


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