Temple Sinai: Shabbat Shalom

From Lori Melton:

Tonight Ralph, my parents, and several other parishioners from St. James attended a beautiful service at Temple Sinai. This synagogue invited the public to Friday night Sabbath (Shabbat) services in response to the terrible events in Charlottesville, VA a week ago today.

It was poignant, uplifting, and healing. I believe it followed their usual order of service, with some guest speakers and special additions. A Lutheran Bishop, a Catholic Priest, and a Baptist Pastor each spoke, and then Temple Sinai’s Rabbi read a letter to to Reform Congregations from the Rabbi of a synagogue in Charlottesville, where the Nazi demonstrators were marching. Hearing the events of last weekend as described by that Rabbi was really chilling.

The service ended with a rousing rendition of “Down by the Riverside” blended with a song in Hebrew. It was lovely, and we were all very glad to have been there.

Shabbat Shalom to all.



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