Reflection from Fr. Taylor: September 3, 2017, 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 20:7-20    Romans 12:1-2    Matthew 16:21-27

Our readings today ask difficult questions to reflect upon in tough times. The prophet Jeremiah reflects in his lamentations about the difficulties and suffering in following the Lord. He knows he can not walk away from the call. Jesus says “whoever wishes to  come after me must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

We learn that sadness, suffering, difficulties, and ultimately death happens to all both the good and the bad and the in between. We sometimes question this and wonder if our good works maybe should give us an easier life. It did not do so for the Lord, the disciples and all of those who followed Him. Even our Blessed Mother through the suffering and the cross of her son Jesus became the Mother of Sorrows.

But death never has the last word for at the end of time those who are just will have a reward. Right now when there is a lot of injustice and bigotry perhaps we might say we did not earn this, we did not struggle for this, but why do we have to face it. We also learn that in all times there is a struggle for doing what is right. We may be disillusioned at times, can be weak of faith and hope, but ultimately we know that our good deeds will be vindicated. It was difficult for our Lord Jesus to have the support of all of those around Him especially as He was heading for Jerusalem, but He never gave up.

This week we can reflect upon the cross and the difficulties that we have to take up in our lives. What is the responses to them? Are they making us a better person? And how  does it relate to our discipleship in Jesus Christ?


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