Reflection from Fr. Taylor: September 17, 2017, 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sirach 27:30-38:7    Romans 14:7-9    Matthew 18:21-35

At the beginning of Pope Francis’ Papacy he talked about the importance of forgiveness and mercy. As a matter of fact we completed A Year of Mercy.

Since that time he has repeatedly spoken of the marvelous truth that God’s mercy has no bounds. That’s the crust of today’s gospel. We must always forgive others as we have been forgiven. When we put limits on our mercy and forgiveness we act in contrary to what we ask from others and from God. Imagine how it would be if there was no forgiveness for all of our misdeeds. There would be no such thing as eternal life or Heaven for us. As it is God’s Mercy is boundless. That’s how deeply He loves us.

So my dear brothers and sisters struck by the depth of God’s love, how could we do anything but bow down to him and worship, and show that same mercy to the people around us. Mercy and forgiveness does not mean that we overlook sin, injustice, hatred, and bigotry. We must always stand up to these moral challenges. The golden rule is we hate the sin, but could never hate the sinner. God’s forgiveness is made to be at the heart of how we think and act, and live each day. It’s to be a way of life.

During these trying times there is so much hatred. It is easy to have a hard heart. Indeed there is hardly any challenge in life which is greater than this. We must be able to be reconciled and ready to forgive those who have hurt us, harmed us, or those that we love. God grant us the ability to do this. Grant us the ability to see the face of God in all no matter how far they have gone away from God.



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