Reflection from Fr. Taylor: October 15, 2017, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 25:6-10   Philippians 4:12-20   Matthew 22:1-14

In the Bible the image of a wedding garment is often used to represent the essential elements of our life in Jesus Christ. It is as a garment of salvation, of obedience, and of purity.

We know the familiar story in John’s Gospel in the 2nd chapter. The wedding hosts were not quite prepared for
the celebration. Actually the Gospel is not about a party at all but it is about our being prepared for the feast of everlasting life.

If we were to apply this parable today, it could look something like this. There are Folks who come to church primarily for show and have no intention of following the Lord. Each Sunday we have to ask ourselves have I
come to this Eucharistic feast with my heart properly dressed. Have I come to attend without thinking about how the bread of life is meant to help me change my heart and be a person different than I’ve ever been before.

Being properly dressed in this context means being open to the Lord’s graces and blessings. Without this preparation we can lose Jesus with the power and love which is at the heart of the Eucharistic Celebration. We
actually would not be thrown out of church as in the gospel story, but it is a warning that if we don’t take the Eucharist seriously we risk not having the grace and the strength that we need to face the challenges and crosses
of each day.

As we attend Mass today let us have an open heart. We must be willing to tell Jesus that we need Him in so many areas of our life. Let us not be in arrush to run out of Mass today on to something else. We remain in prayer
and devotion.

It is a great honor and a blessing to serve as a minister torserve on the altar of Jesus Christ. We should be here early, properlyrdressed, and in a spiritual way prepared to be an essential part of the Eucharistic celebration. Everyone from Greeter, to Choir, to Lectors, to EucharisticrMinisters, Cantors, and Acolyte. You know that you are an essential part of the Sunday Worship experience.

Each Mass is a reminder of thergreat Wedding Banquet that will come when Jesus returns in glory. So if we keep our spiritual garment on now we will be ready when Jesus comes.

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