Reflection from Fr. Taylor: October 22, 2017, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The scripture readings remind us today that when God calls leaders, even political leaders, they are instruments of His love and service, and they are accountable for the way they care for their people.

Isaiah was addressing the Israelites during the time of exile in Babylon when life was really harsh and depressing. The Lord called Cyrus to be His instrument of salvation to the people. The prophet sees this as divine intervention done for the sake of his people.

In the Gospel Jesus compares the image of Caesar with the image of God. We are called to live with courage God’s image of, the human heart, mind, and soul  to God.  The political and material world happens under God’s domain. We are all instruments of His service and are called to serve the kingdom.

The fact that the world today has such dire needs is a result of poor stewardship, and lack of concern and care for all of God’s children. Achieving God’s Kingdom is an uphill  struggle, but it is worth the price. Each day God reminds us that we are moral decision makers. We have a choice, and we have a decision to make. These decisions have real consequences not only for us but for others.

We should always start with the two commandments, Love of God and Love of Neighbor. We should make Jesus the center if our lives. If indeed Jesus is the center of our lives, and this earth is a gift from God, we will  always try to be good stewards. Not only for our own possessions, but in sharing them with all of God’s children.


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