Reflection from Fr. Taylor: November 26, 2017, Feast of Christ the King

Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-17    1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 28     Matthew 25:31-46

Seldom do we look at Jesus as a judge who wants to condemn us.  But in all of the parables in the Gospel we learn that there are real consequences with how we live in this world.

On this last Sunday before we begin the Advent Season the Gospel clearly reminds us about this.  Life is not a place where we go through the world as we please, who we want to please, regardless of how it affects our brothers and sisters.  The reason why Jesus put us in this world is that we can become a community of believers who love and support each other on the way to the kingdom.

This is a shared responsibility.  In these days and times we can see how much actions have consequences either good or bad.  We can also make a resolution that as we begin the Advent Season it will be a time of renewal so wherever life’s journey takes us we will be sure that someone is journeying with us.  We will sing often “O come O come Emanuel” during the Advent Season.  The Lord, our king wants this world to be ready for His arrival.

May God bless all of us as we start a new church’s year and as we look forward to His kingdom.


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