Reflection from Fr. Taylor: December 24, 2017, 4th Sunday of Advent

A Holy and Blessed Christmas to All.

In this Sunday’s Gospel we read of the acceptance of Mary to be the mother of God. Being human like us she questions how this could come about, but she never had any hesitation about saying yes. Because of this we can go  into the Christmas holiday celebration.  Advent has reminded us of God’s promise to share his everlasting reign with us. All we ever have to do is reflect on Mary’s yes, and say with her “may it be done to me according to your word”.

As we celebrate Christmas we say yes to the savior of the world who has come into the world in this dark time of the year both physically and spiritually to remind us that God is still with us and we never have to give up hope. Regardless of the world conditions Jesus always comes again into our lives. At this time we are challenged by many things among the human community, but the nativity story tells us how Jesus came into a family of poverty, poor physically but very rich spiritually. Jesus was one like us, to live like us in everything but sin. And so on this Christmas we have every reason to have  faith and hope renewed.

To be sure the Christmas Season does not remove all of the challenges and difficulties which we face every day. The Lord reminded us that the cross would always be present. But with hope and vision and we can rise above them. Over the Advent  Season we were given many opportunities to grow closer to the Lord. This is especially true as we go about helping those who are sick, poor and troubled. This will remain a real challenge for us in the year 2018, but we never give up and we never say life could not be better.

We say Amen and welcome our new king, our new savior, into the world. May each and everyone of you have a blessed and peace-filled  Christmas season.

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