About Us

Mission Statement

We the members of St. James Catholic Parish individually and collectively proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in worship, word and service.  We commit to discern current issues of church and society through personal and communal sharing of faith.  We are an evangelizing community that is inviting, hospitable and faith filled.  Utilizing our God given gifts and talents, we search out injustice, quell hatred, build hope and bring comfort to those who are hurting or in pain.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance the fiscal and administrative protocols through sound practices that are accountable and transparent before any diocesan restructuring.
    • Develop a sacristan team within 3 months.
    • Develop standard operating procedures and volunteer responsibilities for parish operations within one year.
    • Develop clear financial reporting within one year.
    • Recruit volunteers to aide and supplement the parish staff in providing personalized attention to parishioners by one year.
    • Address maintenance and safety of the church campus through effective volunteers and contractors within six months.
    • Bring the church campus up to local and diocesan building codes within two years.
    • Develop a volunteer talent bank within one year.
    • Identify additional volunteer opportunities with one year.
  • Nurture a parish family that witnesses the Gospel of Jesus in everyday life among Saint James, Saint Charles Lwanga and St Bede prior to any diocesan restructuring.
    • Explore and develop additional ministries, for example young families within two years.
    • Dialog with Saint Charles Lwanga and Saint Bede communities to explore shared ministries within one year.
    • Foster an on-going atmosphere of welcome and hospitality to all God’s children.
    • Encourage a sponsor system for new parishioners within one year.
    • Provide transportation services to encompass all parish activities within one year.
    • Expand transportation services to include Saint Charles Lwanga and Saint Bede within two years.
  • Accomplish effective communication channels within and among Saint James, Saint Charles Lwanga and Saint Bede parishes, staff and the communities within three years.
    • Encourage pastoral council members to wear identification badges at all masses within two months.
    • Use the Saint James Parish Update to communicate what is happening within two months.
    • Develop alternative communications for those who do not use email within six months.
    • Timely notification of death notices within two months..
    • Integrate Saint James, Saint Charles Lwanga and Saint Bede parish bulletins within one year.
    • Improve communication among parish ministries and staff within six months.
    • Survey parishioners and evaluate all possible channels of communication within one year.
    • Hold joint council meetings with Saint James, Saint Charles Lwanga and Saint Bede every quarter.