“The Day I First Believed” by Mary Riley

“ The day I first believed,* by Mary Riley

Was the time

I began to be

day by day,

fully His, and

on that glorious day,

Also fully, one of  my fellow

St. James saints to- be and on this blessed day, March 30, 2013,

forward fond fellow followers, and in a word, our dear parish’s newest

Convertees,  yours’, theirs, ours, and mine, all

Falling here

on our knees,

so lets sing it

So much more

than just a fond parent’s,

a good and faithful priest,

but this blessed host, and

Mayhap to most days my

Little wooden cross to wear,

Seems   but a trinket,

But think on it,

to humble us you my fine

Five new prayerful,  friends,

Have become a rare piece of  the

Beginning and the    end

Of the earth’s most Holy

Of Holy’s  time.


*From “Amazing Grace” a hymn by John Newton