In Memoriam: Maureen D. Ford

Maureen D. Ford

d. December 10, 2017

May she rest in peace.


In Memoriam: Kathleen (Dalmasse) Rothrauff

Kathleen (Dalmasse) Rothrauff

d. December 5, 2017

May she rest in peace



Wilkinsburg Sun: December 2017/January 2018

Parish & Community Events

There are many parish and community activities and event beginning November 17 that are worthwhile.  Please see attached list.

Cardinal Wuerl Issues Pastoral Leter on Racism

Cardinal Wuerl Issues Pastoral Letter on Racism

Art & Environment

We are looking for creative individuals to plan the Liturgical Environment of the St. James Worship Space and altars for special liturgies and liturgical seasons.

Also do you know how to remove wax from linens? We are seeking a volunteer able to spare a day or couple of hours each month with this task. You may take items home or work here.

Call the rectory at 41.241.1392 or click here to respond by email for either volunteer opportunity

Reflection: “Moving Closer to the Center”

Reflection on the Gospel for October 29, 2017: Love of God and Love of Neighbor.

“The closer they are to God, they closer they become to one another, and the closer they are to one another, the closer they are to God!”

In Memoriam: James “Hooks” Farrell

James “Hooks” Farrell

d. October 22, 2017 at 93 years of age

May he rest in peace.


In Memoriam: Elsie Keane

Elsie Keane

d. October 7, 2017

May she rest in peace.







Elsie Keane    Edna Tomko     Lorraine Klein

School Cafeteria

In Memoriam: Joseph M. Ferriero, Sr.

Joseph M. Ferriero, Sr.

D. October 3, 2017

May he rest in peace.